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VOIP PBX platform

Voisonics offers the popular Enswitch platform which allows business to offer Hosted PBX services to both resellers and end users. As a fully integrated VoIP telephony and invoicing system, it's a turnkey product you can start making money from immediately. In addition to selling and supporting the PBX software, we can also take care of the other technical aspects of running your server, leaving you to focus on your customers and growth.

"Voisonics engineering team has not only put together a scalable and reliable system for us but also have taken under consideration the business impact and add-on applications that are needed to make the telephony ecosystem work properly. Unlike most technical firms, Voisonics team have excellent communication skills, extremely organized, reliable and competent. They work independently and do follow through to ensure that the job gets done. Having Voisonics engineering team would be a tremendous asset for ITSP and VoIP companies that are looking for reliable, dependable and capable technical resource."
Allen Wright, CBO of 101 Voice.

Business advantages:

  • Fully featured multi customer (multi reseller) PBX.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable support, 24x7 cover.
  • No hidden prices, all PBX features included.
  • Integrated billing and invoicing.
  • Quickly evolving development cycle.
  • Highly scalable, built-in redundancy.

"We've been delighted with the development and support services that Voisonics has provided for Enswitch. They've been carried out extremely skilfully and professionally. We'd have no hesitation in recommending Voisonics for professional services or as an Enswitch vendor."
Alistair Cunningham, CEO of Integrics.

Technical advantages:

  • Unlimited levels of resellers and unlimited customers.
  • Web portal (demo) to manage customers.
  • Customers cannot see others on the system.
  • Customers can administer their own features.
  • Reseller branded web portal for your customers.
  • Use your own SIP origination and termination provider.
  • Full control over inbound and outbound call pricing.
  • Charge for accounts, additional features, and ad-hoc.
  • Set call limits, and offer included minute packages.
  • Integrated billing and invoicing system.
  • Offer pre-paid or post-paid accounts.
  • Configuration options from 30 concurrent calls to 5000 and more.
  • List of PBX features.

"Voisonics are an incredibly knowledgeable and responsive group. Even though we operate in several timezones, their engineers are always around when we need them."
Paul Murphy, CTO of Call Trunk.

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