"Voisonics engineering team has not only put together a scalable and reliable system for us but also have taken under consideration the business impact and add-on applications that are needed to make the telephony ecosystem work properly. Unlike most technical firms, Voisonics team have excellent communication skills, extremely organized, reliable and competent. They work independently and do follow through to ensure that the job gets done. Having Voisonics engineering team would be a tremendous asset for ITSP and VoIP companies that are looking for reliable, dependable and capable technical resource."
Allen Wright, CBO of 101 Voice.

Enswitch commercial softswitch

Enswitch is a carrier-grade telephone system, providing a complete solution for Hosted PBX, ITSP, and VoIP service providers. It includes a rich suite of telephony features, a scalable and highly-availability architecture, integrated billing and invoicing, smart phone apps, and a modern web interfaces.

Voisonics isn't just a reseller of Enswitch, we develop the product itself under contract with the owner. This gives us unique expertise in operating, optimising, and extending the platform. Our expertise extends to all aspects of running an Enswitch system, from connecting to public telephone network providers to managing stable and secure operating systems. With our complete service you can leave the technical details to us and get on with running your business. Enswitch system owners also get their choice of our addons products free for their first year.

Key commercial features:

  • Fully featured multi-tenant (multi-reseller) PBX.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable support, 24x7 cover.
  • All PBX features are included in price.
  • Quickly evolving development cycle.
  • Highly scalable, redundant architecture.
  • Multiple levels of reseller and unlimited customers.
  • Web portal (see demo) to manage customers.
  • Customers cannot see others on the system.
  • Customers can administer their own features.
  • Owners and resellers can own-brand the service.
  • Use your own SIP origination and termination provider.
  • Full control over inbound and outbound call pricing.
  • Set pricing for accounts, features, markups, taxes, etc.
  • Set call limits and offer included minute packages.
  • Integrated billing and invoicing system.
  • Choice of pre-paid or post-paid accounts.
  • Integration with major payment service providers.
  • Configuration options from 30 concurrent calls to 5000 and more.

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Top PBX features:

  • Automated notification of usage and potential concerns.
  • Busy lamps to provide presence indication.
  • Calling cards and credit vouchers.
  • Call parking and easy transfer of calls on hold.
  • Call spy with PIN protection to listen and/or talk to calls.
  • Conferencing to connect multiple callers.
  • Dial by name and auto attendant service.
  • Hunt groups to call multiple telephones simultaneously.
  • Inbound and outbound SMS message integration.
  • IVR menus for caller to choose an option.
  • Queues to deliver calls in order to agents.
  • Route calls by calling and/or called number.
  • SIP trunking as well as regular telephones.
  • Security protection to block attackers and limit fraud.
  • Send and receive faxes.
  • Time of day call routing.
  • Voicemail with custom-recorded greetings.
  • Upload your own announcements and music-on-hold.

... and many more, plus our Enswitch addons.

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