Enswitch add-ons by Voisonics

Voisonics add-ons significantly boost Enswitch’s reporting and interpreting capability as well as providing plug-ins which increase the telephone system’s functionality.

If you have a specific feature you’d like to incorporate in your own Enswitch system, give Voisonics a call.

Add-ons to lift Enswitch’s productivity and appearance

Telephony add-ons:

  • STIR/SHAKEN integration for FCC compliance.
  • 911 location integration for Ray Baum’s Act compliance.
  • Telephony plug-in to send callers to queues to post-call surveys.
  • Telephony plug-in to authorise international calls using a PIN.
  • Telephony plug-in to allow call spy using short feature codes.
  • Telephony plug-in to allow call pickup using short feature codes.
  • Telephony plug-in to perform speech-to-text transcription for voicemail, call recording, and dial-by-name.
  • Telephone status icons automatic update service, for example do-not-disturb.

Integration with:

  • Dropbox and Google Drive, to automatically upload recordings and voicemails to user accounts.
  • Amazon S3, to store call recordings and voicemails (transparently to the user).
  • SignalWire, for AI with telephone calls.
  • Observe.ai, for call center analysis of call recordings.
  • Email, for email-to-fax, and email-to-SMS.
  • Jabber/XMPP for instant messaging and presence updates for telephone activity.
  • Acrobits soft phone provisioning.
  • Multi factor authentication for enhanced login security.
  • Websocket server and asynchronous HTTP events for scalable pushing of call events and configuration changes to clients.

System management:

  • GlusterFS design and implementation for high-availability filesystem storage.
  • Galera and Percona Cluster implementation for multi-master database replication.
  • System monitoring for reliability and performance, with over 200 vital metrics based on over a decade of Enswitch experience.
  • Batch import of call data records from third party telephony systems.
  • Batch export of call data records to .csv files, with web-based management.
  • Batch export of call recordings to MP3 files.

Custom designed:

  • Login pages to impress customers.
  • Dashboards to give users an overview of their account and features.


  • Telometry/Call Statistics so that users can analyse call patterns and better deploy resources.
  • Queue panel to view live and manage live calls in call centres.

Telometry/Call Statistics by Voisonics

We have improved on the ability to report and analyse calls made available through Enswitch itself.

Our call statistics packages allows you to know more, faster – and make better decisions about how to deploy your resources.

This call reporting package seamlessly integrates with Enswitch and your web browser.

Telometry/Call Statistics by Voisonics provides both the big picture of your telephone system’s use, as well as allowing you to dive deep on details.

Queue reports, as well as individual call centre agent reports can be seen – with data presented in table or chart form (you choose).

Our enhancements allow resources to be more  efficiently allocated through real time updates, and reports downloaded with ease.

Ask about a one month free trial of Telometry/Call Statistics by Voisonics.

Queue Panel for call centers

We like to think of our Queue Panel reporting package as being the Enswitch control panel… but on steroids.

This provides enhanced control, and, as well as being able to manage calls as you normally do, enables you to view real time reports on the same screen.

  • Agents can view and change their own queue status.
  • Managers can view and change the status of all agents.
  • Redirect, hang up, or initiate new calls.
  • Embed Telometry/Call Statistics reports, updating in real-time.
  • Enable call center managers to see the big picture.

Dropbox and Google Drive integration

Make it easier to playback call recordings and voicemails by choosing Enswitch conversations to be automatically uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive.

As a true multi-tenant system, each user can have their own Dropbox or Google Drive account, while select recording groups and mailboxes may be uploaded.

Our clients find the Dropbox or Google Drive option is a faster, easier, and better way to record and listen back to recordings rather than through the Enswitch web interface.

Inbound SMS routing

Enable your customers and teams to accept inbound SMS or text messages, and set their choice of destination whether it be a telephone or email address.

This add-on allows you to select the destination for these important messages.

Give users the option to send outbound SMS messages by sending an email. In combination with the email destination for inbound SMS messages, this allows two-way conversations between end customers and email addresses.

Be more responsive to your customers with automatic replies, either permanently or according to time schedules set by you.

"Voisonics has supported our mission critical servers since 2016, and from hardware to software we LOVE working with this company. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and always proactive."

M. Rosenbaum, TeleBroad April 2, 2019

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