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The world of telephony is a cross-linked maze of legacy analogue, and ever-changing digital systems.

Originally the world had E1, T1 and Plain-Old-Telephone-System (POTS) as standard. Many regions around the world still operate these traditional set-ups. In addition to these, we now have Voice-Over-IP, SIP, RTP, TLS/SRTP, WebRTC and other telephony technologies to excite and confuse us.

Voisonics engineers have been working with these telephony protocols for more than a decade. We also have strong knowledge of the open source Asterisk and Kamailio products which are the backbone architecture of most VoIP systems.

As believers in the power of open source software, we have an even longer association with Linux, Apache, and MySQL. This means we have deep and wide understanding of telephony, computing and the internet – and of fitting all these pieces together.

As consultants, you can rely on Voisonics to have our finger on the pulse to give you the best guidance possible.

  • Our customers get full and frank advice (we’re not afraid to say “that’s not a good idea – here’s why, and here’s an alternative”)
  • We help you find the right solution, and will point out potential pitfalls and opportunities
  • With our consultation expertise and tailor made software, you can be confident of having secure, first-class technology to underpin your business

“We've worked with Voisonics since 2012, and their work has always been second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Voisonics.”

Mark Brooker, MBIT Technologies April 4, 2019

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