About Voisonics

Voisonics has deep and wide experience in integrated VoIP telephony and other communications systems.

Our experience includes years of telephony engineering with IBM, leading to a thorough understanding of telephone systems and the role they play within customers’ IT infrastructure. We have been part of the journey from traditional hardware systems to everything online, VoIP, and hosted internet telephony service providers. We have expertise in telephone system integration and wholesaling in North America, Europe, Asia, and the incorporation of VoIP into the industry.

Since 2010 Voisonics has helped develop and grow the Enswitch telephony platform to where it is today. We continue to do so under license with the owner. Voisonics’ directors saw an opportunity to grow its business by providing additional add-ons to the Enswitch carrier-grade telephone system.

Today, Voisonics is an independent, trusted partner of Enswitch, but we’re more than just a reseller of its services. We have unique understanding of operating, optimizing, and extending the Enswitch platform, and we have intimate knowledge of how to best run it.

Whether this is connection to public service telephone network providers, through to ensuring stable and secure operating systems, Voisonics has the technical expertise and coverage to remove the pain associated with many other non multi-tenant, less flexible VoIP systems. This allows Voisonics customers to get on with running their own business, secure in the knowledge that their operations are built on a solid foundation.

Voisonics aims to be a reliable, responsive partner with our customers, and we enjoy the challenge of telephony and IT integration.

Voisonics – allowing you to concentrate on your own products and services, while we take care of your software and communications engineering.

"Voisonics has supported our mission critical servers since 2016, and from hardware to software we LOVE working with this company. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and always proactive."

M. Rosenbaum, TeleBroad April 2, 2019

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