"Voisonics are an incredibly knowledgeable and responsive group. Even though we operate in several timezones, their engineers are always around when we need them."
Paul Murphy, CTO of Call Trunk.

VoIP consultancy

When we started in the telephone industry, E1, T1, and Plain-Old-Telephone-System solutions were the standard. Now we have Voice-Over-IP, SIP, RTP, TLS/SRTP, WebRTC, and a whole new world of technologies to excite and confuse us. We've been working with these protocols and related open source products Asterisk and Kamailio for over a decade. We are believers in the power of open source software, and have an even longer association with Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

Our customers get full and frank advice. We want to help you find the right solution, and are not afraid to point out potential pitfalls or opportunities. With our guidance and tailor-made software you'll have first-class technology underpinning your business.

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