"We've been delighted with the development and support services that Voisonics has provided for Enswitch. They've been carried out extremely skilfully and professionally. We'd have no hesitation in recommending Voisonics for professional services or as an Enswitch vendor."
Alistair Cunningham, CEO of Integrics.

Enswitch addons

Get more out of your Enswitch system with these addon products.


An advanced call reporting package, Telometry allows you to get both the big picture and detail on phone calls across your system. View data in table or chart form, download reports, and schedule email delivery. See how queues and individual call center agents are performing, and much more.

Queue panel

The Enswitch control panel on steriods. Manage calls as you normally do, and also view real-time reports on the same screen, view and change the status of queue agents, and hang up and redirect calls.

Dropbox integration

Embrace the cloud and have call recordings and voicemails automatically uploaded to Dropbox. A truly multi-tenant system, each user can add their Dropbox account and select recording groups and mailboxes to upload.

Inbound SMS routing

Enable your customers to accept inbound SMS messages, and set their choice of destination whether it be a telephone or email address.

And more...

  • Email-to-fax to allow users to send faxes by attaching a PDF to an email.
  • Batch export of call data records (CDRs) to .csv files, with web-based management.
  • Batch export of call recordings to MP3 files.
  • XMPP/Jabber Instant Message integration with presence updates for telephone activity.
  • Telephony plug-in to authorise international calls using a PIN.
  • Telephony plug-in to allow call spy using short feature codes.
  • Telephony plug-in to allow call pickup using short feature codes.
  • Telephony plug-in to perform spoken dial-by-name using Google's speech-to-text transcription.
  • Integration with the R-Hub web conferencing platform.
  • Websocket server implementation for scalable pushing of call events and configuration changes to clients.
  • Custom designed login pages to impress customers.
  • Bespoke Dashboard plug-ins to give users an overview of their account and features.
  • GlusterFS design and implementation for high-availability filesystem storage.
  • System monitoring for reliability and performance, with over 200 vital metrics based on a decade of Enswitch experience.

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